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Flu Buster

Price: $20.00

Olive leaf
Red Clover
Cat's Claw
Pay D' Arco

The ancient herbs in this tea have been used over the centuries for helping the body combat a wide range of viruses. With elenoic acid, calcium elonate, and quinoids, VIRUS REPLICATION IS INHIBITED AS THE DAMAGING ENZYMES ARE BLOCKED. So with their incredible phytochemicals and nutrients, you'll feel confident with it's remedial and tonic affect.*

This blend has SEVERAL BENEFITS! Increase your stamina and metabolism, energize to combat fatigue and prolonged stress, combat infection, purify the blood, reduce inflammation, fever, and congestion. Ease your aches and pains while your body calms and soothes itself. Packed with antioxidants that stimulate the immune system, this incredible yet simple tea will bring you peace of mind.*

Contains 14 handcrafted tea bags.

*Claims are based on ancient herbal remedies, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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