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Restorative Iced Tea Blend

Price: $18.00

A delicious tea blend that will bring harmony and soothing balance to your body, increasing your energy and sense of well-being, as well as restore hair growth naturally.  It is also effective in reducing discomfort during PMS and menstration. Using a special blend from nature, enjoy it's soothing effects any time of day! Ingredients: Organic Raspberry leaf, Organic Olive leaf, Jasmine tea, and Organic Ginger.

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"True Comfort and Healing Teas.
MARC RATHAUS (Whitestone, NY) 8/27/2019 4:47 AM
Yvonne thanks very much for you helping me get kick started this month. I have had my best August ever so far, and am exceeding my own expectations and more than Doubling my Sales volume. It has to be the Teas! :-) you and your magic potions. Anti Cancer, Hair Loss, Memory Loss, Acid Reflux, Cellulite (I am not in that category lol) HADD (that's me) just examples but If you want the Best already made, or Teas Custom tailored and Handcrafted to your exact Health Needs please describe your symptoms and what you are looking for and I recommend ordering from Forget the Major Brands of Coffee that are way overpriced for what they are and do not provide the same nutrition or health benefits of the Teas which have things to help calm and sooth any ailments or protect against them. I also know there are Tea Companies putting healthy products on the shelves, but none whom custom make them to your specific needs. I am certain these teas have calmed me and helped me feel calmer and better, helped me focus more, and sharpened my skills. Since getting the Tea's and drinking a combination of at least 1/2 a day my performance level has drastically risen proving that! :-)
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